Giuseppe Galliano Multimedia Studio

The studio is designed for video production and has, internally, all the technologies necessary to make real and virtual videos, 360-degree panoramic videos, aerial shots with drones, 3D videos, websites, printed material, photo sessions.
The basic idea has always been to be a video production company that does not have to be forced to rent anything, in order to devote to each individual project all the necessary attention and operational flexibility that each production inevitably requires.
The workflow is divided into video production and postproduction. The tools are constantly updated.


For 3D video productions there is a rendering farm, equipped with 90 processors to handle even the most critical computing situations (renderings).
For video production, the cameras are available in different formats and optics (video and film). Tools such as cranes, gimbal, drones, omnitrakers, steadycam, dolly with and without tracks allow you to always take dynamic and moving shots.
A lighting park composed of high-power lighting fixtures and projectors (around 50,000 watts), (traditional or LED) combined with light control instruments, such as reflective panels, softboxes and flags, ensures quality shots. A transportable direction, which manages up to 10 video cameras in 4k, allows the resumption of events in direct streaming with multiple projections on large screens.
The material is transported with own vehicles.


  • 4 non-linear 4k and full HD mounting systems.
  • 2 stations for grading and color correction
  • 2 stations for composition and videography.
  • 4 3D stations
  • 1 audio station
  • Render farm composed of 50 multiprocessor machines
  • 5 redundant and independent storage systems

Cameras and Optics

  • 1 camera 6K with cinema sensor Sony Pxw-FX9 
  • 1 camera 4K with cinema sensor Sony Pxw-FX3 
  • 2 cameras 4K with cinema sensor Sony Pxw-FS7 35 mm
  • 1 dslr Sony Alfa 9 R
  • 1 dslr Sony Alfa 7 IIs
  • 2 HDV Sony Hvr Z7 25p
  • 6 Sony RX0 II
  • 1 Gopro Fusion 360 
  • 7 Gopro Hero 4 Black Edition with control monitor
  • optics 28-135 F4, 18-110 F4, 70-200 F4, 10-18 F4, 12-24 F4, 24-70 F2.8 135 F1.8, 90 macro F2.8, 35 F1.4, 50-500 F4.5-6.3 4

Camera handling

  • 2 drones for aerial photography drones with stabilized camera (gimbal)
  • 2 smaller drones for inside area
  • crane up to 9 meters high with dolly on wheels for cameras up to 13 kg
  • remote head for cameras up to 5 kg 
  • dolly on rubber wheels of immediate use because without rails
  • robotic head 3 axes and motorized slider for motion control
  • Omnitracker: precision mobile platform with laser control
  • 3 slider Pro 150 – 80 – 40 Shootools
  • Ronin M gimbal 3 axes for DSLR and cameras up to3,6 Kg
  • Ronin RS3  gimbal
  • Ronin SC gimbal
  • Osmo gimbal 3 axes with camera 4K
  • Zero Gravity: for 360° rotations  
  • Mini Jib for cameras up to 8 kg

Monitor and Recorder

  • Atomos Sumo 19
  • Atomos Shogun Inferno 4K solid state recorder in Raw, CDNG, ProRes, DNxHR
  • Blackmagic Video Assist 12G HDR RAW
  • 1 monitor Feelworld 6 Pollici 2600nits
  • 2 Monitor Marshall 7 V-LCD70XP
  • n.3 HD wireless transmission systems with SDI and HDMI input and output, with a range of 700 meters, with less than 1ms of latency


  • 4 Arri True Blue 2000 w
  • 2 Arri True Blue 1000 w
  • 2 DayLed 1000 CRI>94
  • Led panel 22.000 lux, CRI>94
  • 3 Led Panel Led CRI>94
  • Led Panel RGB 18,3″ 
  • Aputure MC RGB mini led
  • 1 smoke machine
  • 2 quartz 2.000 w
  • 5 quartz 1.000 
  • 4 lilliput 300/650

Stands and Harnesses

  • 6 stands Avenger C 45
  • 6 extensions Avenger 50
  • 8 stands Avenger Compact
  • 10 stands Manfrotto 1004BAC-3
  • 12 cables 32 A 50 mt
  • 2 switchboards 220-380
  • generator set 1000 w
  • dc-ac converter 

Light and Background Control

  • self-supporting backdrop 4mt White, Black, Green
  • bright backdrop Hilite 250 x 215
  • portable backdrop green or blue screen 180 x 210
  • fondali in carta bianco, nero,green larghezza 3,56 mt
  • canvas backdrops bianco, nero 280 x 600
  • 6 reflective panels Lastolite120
  • 4 French flags
  • 2 background holder kit 3,65 mt
  • 2 raised platforms 100x100x60


  • 6 track digital recorder Zoom H6
  • cardioid headband microphone Sennheiser HSP4EW 3 
  • n.2 microphone capsules Sennheiser mke 40
  • microfono Shure Beta 58A
  • microphone Sennheiser MKH 416 half shotgun with 3m boom, windproof
  • singing microphone or speaker AKG 414with duplicator stand
  • 2 Wireless transmitter-receiver kit Sennehiser Evolution EW100 G3
  • n.2 pass-through recorders Tascam Dr-10CS
  • plug-in transmitter Sennheiser SKP 100 G3 to transform wired microphone into wireless
  • Mixer Soundcraft 10 channels
  • Mixer Mackie 8 channels
  • In ear monitor Prodibe 

Mobile direction for streaming

  • mobile direction up to 10 cameras in 4K
  • triple encoding for live streaming
  • multiple outputs for video walls and live monitors
  • live recording in real time in 4K
  • animated graphic contributions in real time
  • live real contributions
  • wireless video transmission system
  • intercom wireless
  • wireless in ear monitor system
  • connection via 4G, lan and satellite
  • audio mixer 

Cameras Rig

  • teleprompter with 17 inch monitor
  • rig 360 ° panoramic video shooting with 6 cameras
  • stereoscopic mirror rig for close-up 3D shots
  • stereoscopic parallel chamber rig for long-range 3D shooting
  • 3D shooting system (stereoscopic rig and control monitor) for 3D shooting and video in stereoscopy with real-time control
  • 3 systems with 4 4k cameras for time lapse recording of construction sites from one month to two years, remotely manageable

Video production house

Giuseppe Galliano Studio is a video producer that mainly deals with 

He has been in charge of video production in general since 1996, always paying attention to the most innovative technologies;
He was one of the first in Italy to produce 3D video, stereoscopic video and 360-degree VR video and use drones for aerial shots.
Each video production is taken care of internally, without outsourcing, networks of collaborators, freelancers or video makers, but it is followed directly: from the script (or if storytelling is required) to the postproduction of internal figures to the studio, as well as, the tools are owned and not rented.

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