Emotional videos for companies

Inform or excite: corporate videos, emotional videos, product videos, corporate emotional videos? Demonstrate, illustrate, explain, promote or excite emotions?


Emotional Videos or Corporate Videos?

Inform or thrill: corporate videos or emotional videos? Or emotional corporate videos?
Along the same lines as storytelling is the sometimes forced request for emotional videos: stories that give rise to emotions or something worse (to use a deplorable definition for me) that give the “wow” effect.
The corporate video, even more if it is promotional, should inform rather than excite or leave it “mouth open” (surprise effect).
It must provide valuable information and content, almost always explain complicated technologies: it must show the result of years of development.

Emotional video and promotion

This does not mean that the promotional video should not create emotions, amazement, and admiration. Indeed. You should inspire them, but emotion (or surprise effect) is used, often and not always, to mask poor content or production limits, both those in the company that deal with marketing, and those who produce corporate videos or promotional videos.

The emotional video is much indicated when you should

  • promote a territory
  • tell the story of an authority
  • celebrate an institution
  • promote a fundraiser
video aziendali presentazione

In this case, the emotion combined with the story can bring excellent results.
Either tell stories (storytelling) in companies or promote a territory, enograstronomic values, hospitality
Or more simply you want to arouse an emotion to celebrate the activity of a company.
When choosing whether to produce an emotional video, the environment in which one moves should always be considered.

Once you have decided that you need a corporate video, once you have identified the budget and chosen the provider, you must understand what to include in the emotional video.
Without going far with imagination, but with our feet on the ground, we write on Google: corporate videos, videos for companies and professionals, product videos, tutorial videos, promotional videos.
You will find that many indications are inaccurate, sometimes conflicting, and almost always inaccurate.
It is necessary to understand the technique of realization, to evaluate in advance everything that is needed with the greatest scrupulousness: only in this way can failures or dissatisfactions be avoided.

Are they “corporate” and “emotional” alternatives?

The corporate film, whether or not an emotional video (also called corporate video or institutional video) looks like an audiovisual, conceived and created for a particular branch of productive activity called business-to-business, B2B.
Here we are far from Business to Consumer, B2C, that is, large-scale advertising with a heterogeneous consumer audience.
The corporate video or the emotional video is disseminated in well-identified and non-generalist circuits.
It is presented with unique and defined connotations and characteristics, because the objective is to highlight the qualities and reasons for the success of a company or a product that often serves to manufacture other products in turn.
All this, is so that our company also seems competitive against those rivals. The most common platforms today are:

Sometimes you get a melting point, emotional corporate videos. But it is very difficult and often risky.


What to tell in an emotional video?

For better searching, you can get more information about Social Media Marketing and Social Media as a whole: you’ll soon notice that users of emotional videos have changed and diversified based on new interests and new market needs
Appear as competitive and, above all, with growth prospects it becomes essential if there has been an acquisition by the funds, or if you want to reveal to the investors what objectives and results have been achieved, but also if you want to celebrate important anniversaries, such as for example 50 years of activity.

For a video to be included in the category of emotional corporate videos or industrial videos, and a real corporate video, it must be processed with the appropriate media, film or television, to present the company as a whole or somewhere: the RD department, the area in which it designs, the area where it is produced materially, the test area, the sales department and, increasingly important, the after-sales area.

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