Aerial video shooting with drones (SAPR):

Video with drones, Aerial video shooting with professional drones (SAPR), also 360 ° panoramic VR for

All the videos presented below have been produced entirely with internal technologies. Authorized by ENAC for professional use (qualification n.4526 of 2015 – I.APRA.000528 of 2016 and Authorization for Critical Specialized Operations no.9198 and no.18596 for overflights on city ​​centre) If you want to know how we turn them, here find some indications 

Video drones city aerial shots city drone urban areas critical operations.

Aerial drone footage video the Striscia la notizia magician Casanova.

Industrial video rescue at sea with drone.

Aerial shots with Drone Autodromo Monza.

Aerial filming drones Venice documentary Brodsky.

Vittoriale degli Italiani aerial filming drone Ship Puglia.

Novara for Expo 2015 – Municipality of Novara – drone aerial shots.

Aerial drone shooting Toce waterfall – Val Formazza La Frua.

Industrial video rescue shipwrecked drone Picasso.

Aerial shots with Drone Events Center Il Maggiore Verbania.

Aerial footage with Drone Ipatia Research Center Novara.

Orta and Isola San Giulio Orta lake – Aerial footage with Drone

Sforzesco Castle in Galliate drone aerial footage.

Abbey of Saints Nazario and Celso San Nazzaro Sesia aerial drone shooting.

Coccia theater Novara aerial drone shooting.

Collegio Gallarini Novara Guido Cantelli Conservatory drone aerial shots.

Duomo and Baptistery of Novara – Antonelli – aerial drone footage.

Broletto and Galleria Giannoni Novara Civic Museum aerial drone shooting.

Basilica San Gaudenzio Dome Antonelli Scurolo Novara aerial drone shooting.

Villa Caccia Romagnano Antonelli aerial drone shooting.

aerial drone naval unmanned boat MiniRanger.

Novara and its territory (Cam Comm Novara – ATL) shooting short version drone.

Promotional corporate video Bogogno Golf Resort.

Novara and its territory (Cam Comm Novara – ATL) aerial drone shooting.

Novara and its territory (Cam Comm Novara – ATL) filming drone.

ANMCO 2015 Backstage and aerial shots of the Climber Milan drone.

Aerial drone shooting Fatebenefratelli Hospital Brescia.

Aerial drone footage Milo San Nazzaro Laghi Tensi.

Novara for Expo 2015 – Municipality of Novara – short version

Aerial shots with drones.

Ghemme Rubbish dump aerial drone footage.

Aerial drone shooting in Milan Sesto Auchan.

Aerial footage drone biodigester of Ferrania Ecology.

Company Video Gimasi Academy Workshop Drones and Video Shoots.

PhosAGro corporate video – Rice Harvesting.

Aerial footage Lake Iseo Dogs Rescue.

Anfed Agri Riso Farm Video drones.

Promotional video Molini di Voghera.

Company video Mini Ranger Calzoni unmanned boat video drone.

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