Video of interviews and speeches

We produce videos of interviews and speeches, often alternated with specifically shot footage.

A talking head video combined with images regarding the contents instantly boosts the credibility of corporate messages.

Especially now that video interviews are a key ingredient of corporate social media channels, digital events and company webinars.

We curate the setting and set up the lighting on the client’s premises

And we also offer a range of backdrops to rapidly build custom sets in each location.

Our backlit set in particular provides a modern looking, high tech background

We usually opt for depth of field to bring the speaker into focus and blur the background behind them.

Sound is a critical element of every interview. The key issue is managing background noise, especially near functioning machinery.

To solve this we use microphones that record only the voice, picking out the speaker.
For lighting we use LED lighting designed to make faces stand out and soften the details.

These systems are tailor-made for filming people, and offer an even, diffused source of light that is never too harsh.

We always work with at least two cameras to capture every detail of the interview or speech.

We often add a remotely operated camera that repeats soft, fluid movements throughout, to enable us to create a more dynamic edit.

We supply a teleprompter (autocue) system so the speaker can read the text while looking directly into the camera.

This makes for more efficient filming, with no down time, repetitions or hesitation.

We localize our video interviews in each language, using professional voice over talents recorded subsequently.

On camera, speakers come across much more credibly when speaking their own language.

We combine the interviews with video footage shot for the purpose or from our archives, as well as slides and PowerPoint presentations.

Video interviews are ideal for promotional or presentation videos, courses and tutorials, or talking about company news.

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videos interviews
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