3D videos and animations, 3D rendering and modeling

We create 3D videos, three-dimensional simulations, photorealistic or schematic renderings, especially aimed at the manufacturing sector.

We produce 3D animations related to the processes or the operation of machinery, from the design files generated by the Cad / CAE / CAM programs that are generally used in technical offices.

From simple two-dimensional drawings, we generate animations in 3D graphics. In addition to 360-degree virtual reality videos.

3D animation studio

We have solid experience gained over the years in the field of 3D animation and visualization, which we have used in different areas: from television, broadcasts, entertainment, to forensic reconstructions.

We have created all kinds of virtual reconstruction, immersive or not, for different areas: from archaeological reconstructions to 3D models used in medicine.

3D graphics and industrial videos

For the industrial world and engineering projects, we combine two solid experiences that have grown over the years: one linked to real industrial videos, that is, filmed with a camera, and another related to three-dimensional simulations that are joined in videos in which the two techniques coexist. This allows us to use them, both, to the best of our ability while exploiting their intrinsic quirks.

Industrial 3D video serves to show us what is not visible, because it is hidden, because it is conceptual, because it has not yet been realized.

Rendering applied to engineering transforms CAD models into 3D animations that are crucial to show how a machine works inside, to show complex mechanical cycles immediately.

Projects, inventions, industrial models

We take care of visualizing projects, inventions, industrial models, transferring the experience we have acquired in the field of video production in the industrial sector to the virtual world.

We use 3D simulations in all those cases in which it is not possible to reach the subjects with traditional cameras. Our 3D animation studio specializes in virtual reconstructions for all types of industry. Mainly we turn to those companies that have to show how a machine works and what are the results that can be achieved with the proposed technology.

Or for those companies more promotional character exhibitions.

Exchange of 3D models with technical offices

The workflow begins, almost always, from the files that the Client has in his technical office, where the designers almost always use Solidworks, Inventor, Catia. These programs can export formats that we can read and then convert. Such as OBJ or STL

Once imported into our systems, they adapt to the typical purposes of 3D animation and 3D visualization. In other words, they are simplified to be viewed in a photorealistic or schematic way.

In the event that there are no models, we deal directly with modeling, that is, the construction of three-dimensional shapes or the creation of virtual spaces.

Videos and 3D animations for the industrial world

We offer 3D animation mainly to the industrial, productive world, to the manufacturing industry in general, precisely because we produce a large number of industrial videos and successfully combine the two techniques, the real one with the virtual one.

A very receptive sector for this technique is that of machine tools or industrial or extractive plants: here the real-virtual combination works a lot, especially to show what cannot be seen which the purpose of 3D animations and videos is.

Rendering, calculation times, Renderfarm

Not to be confused with 3D video in stereoscopy, 3D video in computer graphics has a rather complex production cycle because once the model is created and the 3D scene is created, this must be calculated in order to be displayed, it means , must go through the rendering phase. In practice, each frame must be calculated by a computer for it to be visible. 25 frames are displayed in one second. On average, a frame takes at least 10 minutes to calculate. To produce 3D videos, you need to have an internal or external rendering farm in the 3D animation studio. That is, a set of computers that together calculate the necessary frames (frames). Our studio has an internal rendering farm that is constantly updated.

Rendering: how to calculate the time needed

To get an idea of ​​how long it takes to have a 3D animation, you can use this simple calculator.

In this way, you will have an idea of ​​how many computers should be used in the render farm and how long they will have to calculate the 3D video.

The factors that determine the calculation time for a single frame or frame are multiple: the first is the image resolution (HD or 4K) and follow the calculation method for light (generally global illumination), the presence or less than particle systems.

The values ​​refer to the European PAL system, which assumes 25 frames per second. Calculation times range from a few minutes for simpler 3D videos to time on more complex ones, usually for 3D animations intended for the industrial world (but not only), the higher the degree of realism , the greater the time required to render.

It is easy to see that a single computer is not enough, at least a dozen must be used.

Useful resources for the exchange of files and 3d models with the Technical Offices

how to export STL file 

Online e offline file 3d converter (to be checked with MeshMixer):

3d video examples

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