How to promote the company with a video?

5 reasons to make a corporate video

Lately we read more and more often of video marketing, of SEO linked to videos, of viral distribution of videos, of storytelling and, frankly, do not know whether or not to make a video for your company. Especially because you know how to use it when you’re done
Do you do it or not? Record a promotional video, why? Here you will obviously find only positive answers: we have been making videos for companies since 1996. A bit, like asking the innkeeper if the wine is good.

However, by overcoming the terms related to marketing, which may be fashionable and sometimes do not have an immediate response to reality, there are some reasons (always the same, for about twenty years) why a company is good to equip itself of a series of videos to promote yourself.

Here, next to it, you will find a video that attempts to answer the question “why make a corporate video” and, above all, “where and how to use a promotional video“?

But it is equally true that there are other reasons, other purposes that are not always linked to the direct promotion of your product or your company. To answer the question “HOW to promote the company with a video” and more generally “how to do business promotion“, we try to understand WHERE to promote the company with a video.


Corporate video and social channels

An industrial video, first of all, is necessary if you want to present and promote the company in all its aspects: until a few years ago, thematic TV editorials or brand programs broadcast on digital terrestrial were broadcast. But, as with paper marketing, the costs are substantial.

For some years, normal channels have been replaced by social channels (Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo).
Video marketing is increasingly online.
But it is good to know how to maneuver among the many experts who sometimes turn to English terms to hide their sudden competence.
Finding those who are really capable (and there are) is not a simple task.

Here is the first critical point: either you do it yourself, with results that are often remarkable but almost never surprising, or you need to find an interlocutor who knows how to position and spread your company’s video well.

It is often convenient to make a promotional video (better if there is more than one) and start spreading it independently.

Once you have obtained concrete results, maybe even a niche because it was published on your site, then at the fair, with an email, on the YouTube channel and on the Company’s Facebook page, it is appropriate to turn to experts in marketing for a more specific positioning. But this time we can start from a well identified and circumscribed base. The first company video promotion served as a test.


Corporate video and credibility

There are companies that produce and others that move boxes (box engines); If it does not need to be changed by simple distributors, a video is proof of the actual existence of the company.

A video of the company shows the reasons why a product or a production cycle is superior to others.
An industrial video, made by experts, presents a quick understanding of reality and cannot be fooled into content.


Corporate video and investors

The industry that is currently competitive in global markets must seek and find investments in the transnational sphere.

For this reason, corporate video can address not so much who buys the company’s product, but who should invest in the company.

It can be addressed to partners, financiers, investors, investment funds, interested parties, so not only to customers.

The company has found a new criticality: show the company from the inside.

Currently, an industry is evaluated by external structures (credit institutions, supervisory bodies, political institutions); according to parameters that are different from the annual balance or stock market fluctuations, realities that must be presented and displayed convincingly to offer real guarantees.

And often numbers, graphics, data must be accompanied by images that demonstrate or support the content.


Corporate video and internal communication

A corporate video can also be oriented to internal communication. Take the example of groups, large multinationals, with factories and offices in different countries and geographical areas, because they are the result of mergers.
Each has several offices and facilities located in multiple geographic areas.
Corporate videos designed for internal communication strictly meet internal needs:

  • As those designed not to promote the company but to present it to new employees
  • Or the video tutorial, designed to train, that is, to train
  • Or the video for security induction, which summarizes the contents and practices provided in the security training course for those entering the Company’s headquarters
  • Or a series of videos of the company that support the sellers, in the preparation of the next commercial strategies
  • Currently, streaming meetings, by teleconference, achieve significant travel savings. Even in these circumstances, corporate video is indispensable

Corporate video and case history

Why is a corporate video useful? Why is a corporate video also effective in the post-sale phase?

It must be called industrial video or product video, as it instantly illustrates the preparation, installation or maintenance of various objects, products or tools.

An industrial video, a video tutorial, a corporate or institutional video online is a valid substitute or a contribution to the usual manuals (on paper or PDF), sections of F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions). The rapid results satisfy customers, even the most demanding.

Even partners, when they take advantage of video tutorials that clearly explain the maintenance methods of updating or using a device, are particularly satisfied.

The same applies to component manufacturers: an instruction video will indicate the correct assembly methods or contain safety instructions.
But it will be equally useful in developing sales methods.


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