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8 ideas for a corporate video presentation without having made them

How to make a video to present the company? How to make a video presentation? How to make an industrial, corporate or promotional video? How to make a video? If you are reading, the question “how to make a business presentation?” Look for a guide on how to make a video to promote and present your company or your product on a screen at the fair or for a social media video marketing campaign. And maybe it’s the first time you have to.

If you do not have time available, but you have to make a business presentation, it is enough to scroll through the images in this video on the side where our production methods are summarized; otherwise, you can call us at the studio or write us on the form on the CONTACT page.

Understanding how to make a corporate video, how to create a promotional movie or a presentation of your company or a linear video presentation is much simpler than you think.

Undoubtedly, this is not an exhaustive guide to making promotional videos, but if you make a checklist of these 8 points, you will have new elements to think about and avoid surprises at the end of production. I hope that here you can find useful indications to better manage and plan your production and above all create a corporate presentation video that achieves your purpose.


The number of shots for each scene and the duration of the promotional video

Brief, short and immediate: with a promotional video or a corporate movie you don’t have to bore the viewer.
At the same time, however, you will have to involve him with many images.
This is the difference between the work of those who are endowed with adequate structures and those who, on the contrary, have reduced means.
How to make videos? Count, at the same time, how many shots appear in a corporate video: the one with the most wins.

The question is not so crude. A promotional video, an industrial video or a corporate film that contains many shots at once, without exaggeration, highlights a greater content. Creating corporate videos that emphasize your business is the goal to be achieved. Work, credibility in the production phase, a more elaborate work in summary. Obviously, well-made shots are needed.
Then, in the comparison between a corporate video of 3 minutes and one of 6, it is better than 3, if the content is the same.

We work much more to produce a short video but with many shots, than one along with some. You will reach more views.


Text of a video company presentation

The text is what you read, the speech: if a picture convinces more than many words, a good voiceover is decisive.
Much attention should be paid to the text. It should not be composed (or copied and pasted) as for the website.
The speech, the accompanying text, must be written specifically, must be constructed by a competent person, for the video presentation to be credible.

To create promotional video doesn’t have to be like telling a long story to present che company, but it must flow quickly, without repetitions. In a correct language Beware of those who do not write correctly. The written text clarifies the image and vice versa.
One needs the other.

Voiceover, particularly in foreign languages, is basic.
It offers credibility: if the speaker is good, you will notice immediately.
If it is not, or if it has an established entry, you will notice immediately too, but it also does not include the text.
Only confident with experienced voice actors.

If you are beyond your budget, prefer a video with music only.


Fantasy and imagination

How do you make a video? In a video presentation, stimulate your imagination, but without cheating! Your corporate or promotional video will be mostly, credible. It will show, really, what you do and mainly “how” your product does.
But worry about provoking reactions during your corporate presentation, in a way that stimulate the imaginary.
Allow the viewer’s imagination to reach the parts he has not illustrated.
Many shots will be very useful for this purpose. They help to imagine aspects that I could not deal with in the scenes.

Video marketing is online. But be careful because in addition to many capable consultants, there are many experts who hide the lack of knowledge in the field in terms of fashion. The question is always the same: how to make videos to increase the visibility of the company? The answers are often a little smoky, but if you have content and who knows how to tell them, it will be immediate to create presentation videos that work.


Equipment to be used for the production of a promotional video

Technology, technology, technology: there is no escape! A good promotional video, an industrial video, a video tutorial, a corporate video cannot be done with a camera mounted on a simple tripod, and maybe a drone (for indoor use since there is no crane). You need a video production company 

Lights, photography becomes essential. To master the “lighting bodies“, we must first possess them, and then have the time to organize them according to the needs and have a different type for each scene requirement.
And if the director of photography  is an expert, he will not notice its use in the corporate video.

Camera movements: do you know why “moved” pictures were in fashion a long time ago? Because video makers did not have the means to move rooms, such as gimbal, crane, cars, dollys, tracks. Static shots bore; many are necessary and animated but fluid and dynamic. If not, you end up in the amateur.

The same consideration applies to depth of field: the subject in focus and the blurred background. We need optics with a very wide aperture. Needless to say, it is expensive.

The sound: music, effects and speech

The music of a corporate video must be of quality, but it must be equipped with the use rights. Watch out! Do not trust yourself because you and your company will respond.

Sound effects improve your promotional or industrial video: they are necessary.
You will not notice its presence, but you would notice the absence if they had not been carefully inserted.

Most corporate videos do not have them: a simple matter of costs.
If the sound is well built, as with the light, no one notices immediately. The opposite happens in the opposite case.


Locations in the company

A company, an industry are work environments, not rarely old or worn, offices often necessarily in disarray.

But by the day you set up filming for corporate or industrial video, they must be cleaned and classified.

Not in a way too scrupulous or meticulous, because the production will be responsible for choosing the different shots.

However, a well-organized starting point is useful. Especially for long shot shots, for totals. Take half a day to tidy up the factory, or the parts that will be filmed. It is an effort that will allow you to have more credible support for your business promotion.



More than clothes, we must take care of the PPE, the personal protective equipment.

Take care that all employees and collaborators have them. You cannot display a company that is not up to date.

The eye also wants its part: for generic scenes, choose those employees who, without uniform, are available to dress more carefully on the day of the shooting.
Not like the day of the party, polishing would become grotesque) but a minimum of style helps. It is however the presentation of the company.


Call to action

What is the purpose of this support for the promotion of the company? What should someone do who sees your video?
Does Nothing? Should call? Share it? Show it to others? Complete a form?

You must agree with who will make the video of the company or you must share with those who will film the promotional video and the industrial film the action that you expect the viewer to do.

At the end of the industrial video, you expect the viewer to act. And you need to know how and what. If not, the corporate video did not help much.


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