Video for public entities, institutions, public administration,

We specialize in videos for entities, museums and institutions, both in the public and private sectors.

We produce documentaries for both the Public Administration and for mixed institutions, such as non-profit organizations and foundations.

We produce direct events transmitted live and direct (streaming), such as conferences and seminars, e-learning.

We have considerable experience in the international arena: there are many productions for the different departments of the European Union.


We have shared projects of all kinds with the public administration stakeholders. We create ad hoc editorial products with multiple objectives in all languages, with different approaches: cultural, historical, eno-gastronomic, traditional, informative and service.

We take care of the design and production of immersive 360-degree videos, intended for the promotion of the territory.

Over the years, we have collaborated with numerous companies that operate in various public sectors, creating editorial products and territorial marketing tools.

We interviewed CEO, representatives of the Senior Management of multinationals and companies of national importance. Online presentation of financial statements, reports to investors, conferences, messages to shareholders. We have produced video interviews for members of the world of cultural and scientific research.

We have helped public organizations, Pro Loco, tourism promotion companies to present their territory during fairs and events with video productions of all kinds:


Videos for public bodies, institutions, museums and foundations

Video for Public Bodies
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Video for Public Bodies
Videos of public bodies, public administration, institutions, films of museums, non-profit documentaries and foundations, 360-degree videos, aerial drone shots, marketing promotion of the territory
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Giuseppe Galliano Studio
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