Factors to calculate the price of a corporate video

There is no price list for corporate videos. The cost consists of several variables, such as shooting days, the insertion of graphic video, in 2D or 3D, the presence of one or more voiceovers, the number of languages.

The price of a corporate movie is made up of different terms. The questions “how much do commercial or industrial videos cost?”, or “what is the average price of a corporate movie?” They will never have credible answers. Therefore, the price or cost of industrial corporate video is not calculated based on the duration, as you do not buy a book based on the number of pages.

Company videos: prices and special offers

We propose two groups of industrial or corporate video costs, with different price ranges:

The first consists of five different packages, ready to use: they are quality videos, with prices ranging from € 500 to € 2500.

All proposals and their prices provide for a day of filming, even with an English version, drones, 360-degree videos, and basically serve to create a good institutional video that will be used immediately, for fairs, product presentations and social networks , YouTube channel of the company.


Company videos: costs and estimates

The second group of industrial corporate video costs, on the other hand, is tailored for more complex projects.
Here, each production has its own history due to the different variables: The type of product and especially its objectives are studied with the client.

Then several proposals are formulated, optimizing the economic resources (from which the shooting days are derived, the type of videography to be inserted, the number of languages).

The costs of these industrial videos are obviously very different: from € 3,000 to € 15,000

The way forward is, in this case, diametrically inverse to the request for an estimate: firstly, the objectives for which an institutional video is produced are identified and, therefore, a broad budget is identified.

With that budget, different proposals are created, adapted to your company.

Obviously, there will always be some more advantageous offers on the market, at least at first sight.


Most advantageous video offers and prices

Video producers or freelancers will seem to cost little, but in most cases they will have to hire most of the necessary equipment. This will have an impact on the final price of the corporate video: any change in execution will become a cost.

Often he will not have the necessary insurance (RC) to operate in environments such as establishments (factories or warehouses) or construction sites. Here you will answer.

And if you use drones, ENAC certifications are not always present.
In the end, he will not spend what “little” he had planned.

Realistic offers and corporate video costs

A real and non-virtual production house will follow you with more people, you will have all the necessary tools inside and, in the end, if you have planned your video well, you will pay the same price as the company’s films compared to the freelance: In practice, you will get better corporate videos at a more advantageous price.
You will have a contract, which details all the items: in short, you will buy a real product, not an abstract one.
The more detailed the contract, the more serious the proposal will be. Evaluate the implications of copyright, disclaimers and especially future changes. The result will be defined and the cost will be identified. And, not secondary, you will have an invoice that you can discharge.


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