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Video construction sites: we are a video production company specializing in video and time lapse video in critical environments: construction sites, shipyards, road works, public and private construction sites, offshore and on land mining plants, excavations, tunnels, perforations in general.

We have specific experience in these critical areas: we work with trained personnel in this type of video and filming. We have stipulated special insurance policies.

Video of construction sites and technologies used

We have recording tools designed to film within construction sites.
In order not to obstruct work operations, leaving them to operate safely.
Our operators, trained in this type of intervention, fail to curb the normal productivity of the construction site, producing videos of construction sites and buildings without stopping them.

We use Camera 360 VR, remote cameras, micro cameras, robots, endoscopic cameras, thermographic cameras, drones (with ENAC enablement even for critical areas, that is, in residential areas), systems to stabilize portable cameras, high power LED lights, but from minimum consumption
We have time lapse video systems on construction sites,  advanced and economical, capable of resuming from a few weeks to years.

Video Time Lapse in quarries

We handle the time lapse video system with one or more cameras and manage it for medium or long periods. A time lapse allows you to show the results achieved gradually during the life of the construction site to the investors and, in a few minutes, the construction from the base to the roof. With a video time lapse you could go

  • Monitor work progress in real time, privately or on your site
  • Review what was achieved in previous periods
  • Check if it is in line with the forecasts
  • Give investors or clients an overview of the evolution of the construction site
  • And in the end, generate emotional videos of great emotional impact

Video of construction sites and fields of application

We have experience developed in the field over the years: since 1996, for each type of company, we personally follow the production of videos and time lapse filming (or time lapse video) in

  • Construction sites
  • Shipyards
  • Road construction sites
  • Construction sites for public and private buildings
  • Mining plants on land and offshore
  • Excavations
  • Galleries
  • Perforations in general

Prices and estimates of construction sites on video

We offer ready offers for small budgets but with high expectations.
We know how to manage difficult and complex productions to produce videos on construction sites that have to compete in global markets. When the investments destined to spend on communication are considerable.

We move throughout Europe and throughout the world. We move our material in our vehicles. We deal directly with customs practices and know how to operate in complicated environments with ever changing rules.


Video sites and 3D sites

Often, the most delicate phases are not immediately visible or accessible in a short time.
Or they are in places too dangerous or inaccessible.
That is why we combine real, schematic or photorealistic video 3D simulations to show the processes.

Combining the true with the synthetic, the real with the virtual is a technique that we have followed with enthusiasm since the birth of the first 3D animation and rendering software.

In addition to time lapse videos, the filming done on site also serves to generate video tutorials and process video simulations to demonstrate how to use a machine or a construction system.

But they must be well recorded, well-structured and, above all, well made. Do not record videos on improvised construction sites.

We have been dedicated to producing videos for construction sites and installations in all sectors and in all languages. For each type of Client.


Construction sites video, time lapse, video shooting in critical areas

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