Aerial video with drones (SAPR)

Video with drones, aerial video recording with drones (SAPR) professional: we specialize in aerial photography using drones; Also 360 degree panoramic VR.
We use drones to shoot videos of the first views.

We perform aerial video sequences, aerial photographs, video sequences with drones, and aerial explorations with drones. We specialize in drone videos.

We are recognized and authorized by ENAC for the professional use of drones (authorization No. 4526 of 2015 – I.APRA.000528 of 2016 and authorization for specialized critical operations No. 9198 and No. 18596 for over flights in residential areas) and we have a specific insurance policy.

We take aerial shots with drones in urban areas, in cities and in residential areas in general, even at 360 degrees, near buildings and structures to record detailed videos not only for video productions, corporate videos, industrial videos, videos on construction sites, but also for inspection and research investigations

The city’s aerial shots and flights with drones in urban areas (Critical operations) can be used for remote sensing, photogrammetry, mapping to places of cultural, historical and artistic interest.

We can take aerial shots in the city even in the presence of people (except in meetings)

Aerial drone footage, 360 VR drone video

 Aerial shooting with drone
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Aerial shooting with drone
Aerial video shooting drones SAPR ENAC authorizations Specialized Operations overflights inhabited areas aerial shooting drone urban areas 360 VR video
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