Live interactive streaming, direct events

It is an interactive live streaming service, which allows viewers to talk to you during live broadcasts.

Live streaming is a live video stream on multiple platforms (such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook). But it is two way. We connect multiple points, such as companies in two different countries, stands at the fair or customers in another continent.

In addition to being interactive, live streaming can be available AT ALL TIMES on each platform: Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, becoming a very useful tool in the promotion of videos on social networks.


So you can talk – live – in video and audio, as if you had several TV studios connected to each other. The system is suitable for:

  • Live streaming events
  • Product presentations, conventions
  • Annual presentations of financial statements
  • Corporate events

Live streaming video is perfect for all those occasions in which it is important to directly involve the spectators

  • Stand at the fair where you can show – live streaming connected – what happens at the factory or on site
  • Conferences, workshops
  • E-learning sessions
  • Webinars to show, live, what happens in another location
  • Events with content to be streamed live

In addition, the transmitted contents may be recalled over time, once the live broadcast has ended and be part of the video archive which can be consulted on request by the user.
This is a little-known aspect but it allows you to optimize the investment made to produce live content in the medium term.

The system is suitable for all corporate videos aimed at customers in all production sectors: from large multinationals to new companies.

The live transmission system is perfect for demonstrations of technologies and machinery or open house where the client, at a distance, can ask questions and request information for demonstrations with a high level of interactivity.

Live and direct, it shows its content on the most common social platforms, such as corporate channels on YouTube and the company’s Facebook page.

Then your message will be amplified exponentially.


Production of live streaming events

We use for video production and live streaming events a mobile 4K address that manages up to 10 cameras, graphics and video contributions, which can also be used for a traditional live stream, but on multiple platforms at the same time. We have very short configuration times: the connections are almost all wireless, without wires and if your location did not have an adequate internet connection (fixed or mobile), we can take it to a satellite.
It is a technology that is apparently complex and expensive: you will discover that it costs much less than you think: given the small dimensions of the mobile address, we operate throughout Italy and Europe.

Advantages of live streaming

Often the Company used live events just to present products or increase, on dedicated platforms such as the company’s YouTube channel or Facebook page, the sense of belonging of the guests, as if it were an exclusive group.

However, direct streaming is of considerable value even at the end of the event itself.
For example, a video streamed live on YouTube is maintained on the channel and reviewed as an on-demand contribution, keeping the value of live production over time.

Live streaming and classification

A live stream offers undoubted advantages in terms of indexing, since a direct search is classified by the search engines as news; access a preferred channel and acquire a better ranking immediately after transmission.

In addition, the time the user spends watching the event contributes to increasing the “session time”, which is one of the main parameters that the YouTube algorithm considers to assess the credibility of a channel. This is an aspect that is often underestimated but in fact it is interesting for all companies that intend to promote themselves through the corporate channel, not only as a brand, but also as research by production sector.

Live events and live streaming for the productive world

We have produced numerous live event streams that we stream, almost all of which are intended for real-time presentation of industrial machinery. Therefore, we recommend the use of direct streaming video also for purposes not necessarily related to communication and business promotion, but for remote sales, after-sales, support and training. Last but not least, the delicate phase of customer acceptance of industrial machinery. Phase in which it is necessary to demonstrate, after the test, that the machinery works correctly.

Before the health emergency, the client went to the factory for verification operations. Now it is very practical to be able to show the interactive live transmission (interactivedirect streaming) of how the operation corresponds to what is contractually foreseen.


Live streaming for companies and live events

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