Microbiological and chemical analysis laboratories, cleanroom

We have taken over different types of laboratories, analysis laboratories, microbiological, chemical, and pharmaceutical analyzes. We have worked in different types of white chambers, “clean laboratories” or “sterilized rooms” or in controlled atmosphere environments, in hyperbaric chambers and sterile rooms.

Producing corporate videos and industrial films within these environments is relatively simple, as long as a set of guidelines is followed and filming is tailored to constraints intrinsic precisely to the sensitive environments in which it operates.

Often cameras and equipment must be treated to be introduced  inside controlled atmosphere and anaerobic rooms.

Inside these environments, the air, filtered in varying degrees in relation to the level of purity required by the processing, performs a forced recirculation. Operators must wear gowns, caps, masks and the instruments that enter them, they must be treated in advance

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Microbiological chemical analysis laboratories cleanroom
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Microbiological chemical analysis laboratories cleanroom
Microbiological chemical cleanroom analysis laboratories, controlled atmosphere rooms, Microbiology laboratories, clean rooms
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