Experiences in the sector of lines and extrusion plants

During our production of industrial videos, over the years, we have recorded rubber extrusion and profiling machines of any kind, from extrusion of tubes for cables, extrusion of electric cables of all diameters, extrusion of tubes, pipes and conduits. We have recorded companies that produce polymers for plastic extrusion and extrusion plants.
We have not filmed cold extrusion systems, but from producers of coatings for objects made with this technique, as well as the implementation of pipes and piping systems.

extrusion - extrusion plant and lines

Industrial videos and films: examples

extrusion: lines, plants and extrusion machines
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extrusion: lines, plants and extrusion machines
industrial extrusion video: extrusion plant and machinery lines, plastic material extrusion plants, plastic material extrusion, polymers, polyethylene, extrusion process
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